Yoga Class

Yoga Class

Prayer Room

School Bus:

School bus facility is available.

Prayer Room:

Students and teachers who wish to engage in prayer and meditation can spend time in the prayer room.

Health Care:

To maintain the general health among students comprehensive yearly checkups by specialists are arranged.

Guidance & Counselling:

To enhance the psychological well being of the pupils systematic ways of helping is arranged.

Extra curricular Activities:

To develop the artistic talents of the students, dance classes are arranged. Physical education classes twice a week under the leadership of a well trained faculty facilitate students' involvement in various sports. Training in games such as football, basketball and volleyball is also offered during these classes. Yoga Classes are conducted twice a week with the aim of improving the health and concentration skills of the students. The school also has a well lead band group. In order to awaken the sense of social commitment of students, various activities targeted at the well being of the society as a whole are also undertaken by the school. Outreach programmes including visits to hospitals, old age homes, orphanages and special schools are arranged. Poor fund collection is encouraged in order to extend a helping hand to the poor and needy. During the SUPW classes, students are trained in making various useful craft items. An exhibition of the various items crafted by the students is also organized every year.

Study Tours & Picnics:

Study tours provide academic awareness and relaxation to students. All the students are taken on one day trips to places of educative and recreational ambience.

School Magazine:

School magazines incorporating articles from the students and teachers as well are brought out every year. Students are there by given an arena to exhibit their writing and artistic skills.


Days of national and regional importance are celebrated in the school with active participation and involvement of the staff and students.